OSDRI hosts a variety of events thoughout the year to honor and commemorate our brave veterans and to raise money for our mission to serve them. Click the links below to read about and register to attend our exciting upcoming gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies.

Great 1st class tonight in our humanities course for vets, discussing Tim O’Brien, Adrienne Rich, the wisdom gained from seeing multiple perspectives, struggle to describe war. @NEHgov @VictoriaSams @rihumanities @OSDRI_Vets #humanities

OSDRI w/ our education partners, @PVDscholarvets @NavalWarCollege Conference on Veterans: Enduring, Surviving, and Remembering War

.@GovRaimondo and @RIVetsDirector take a tour of @OSDRI_Vets Stand Down Weekend to thank #RIVets for their service and the providers who are there to assist them.

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