Since 1993, Operation Stand Down’s “A Hand Up not A Handout” approach encapsulates our treatment of the “total veteran.” Experienced Case Managers, work one on one with the veteran to develop individual treatment plans, and coordinate the provision of services in the areas of housing, employment & training, and health & wellness. Operation Stand Down’s goal is to provide the support mechanism which allows the veteran to work towards their own independence and success.

Our case workers and veterans work hand in hand to ensure physical and psycho-social stabilization. Comprehensive service plans address development of life skills in areas including coping, communication, conflict resolution; and skills that aid in recovery from acute adversity such as job loss, substance abuse, PTSD, or mental illness.

Veterans for whom full employment is not an option, our case workers provide guidance on applying for local, state, federal and military assistance including medical and mental health benefits, employment income support, food stamps, and veterans and Social Security benefits. Operation Stand Down does all of this while at the same time addressing some of the most basic and urgent needs: clothing, food, transportation and housing.

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